​Pontè di Piave – Punte della Priulà. Uneventful. 

Day 3. Luckily we only have 27km to hike today, still very flat. It’s more about getting the kilometres done, there is not much to see and although there are some clouds it’s still hot. So we are walking roads with plenty of cars, some sidewalks, some gravel, some vineyards and farmland, some more dam to finally cross the last bridge to our hotel San Carlo. Which is on a noisy street and it’s more like a passing-through town than one you really want to stay.

The road and one of the plenty gravel plants
The last bridge to cross for today

We try to take care of Claudia’s boots and blisters and relax a little. I am a bit deceived though by the trail so far. I knew it would include road walking but this is really all about dull hiking. Making kilometers to get over with it. But only one more day like this and it should get better as we get into the mountains! 
We walk the mile to the supermarket to buy food for dinner and breakfast. As there isn’t much choice for dinner we decide to eat at a restaurant. On the way back we cannot find something nice so we decide to eat at the hotel. Just that the hotel doesn’t serve food! After inquiring the options (delivery?),  my sister sits down as her feet hurt too much. But the hotel owners are very sweet, they understood from our bad Italian (or exhausted look) that we cannot walk back again to the pizzeria. The woman drives us by car there and goes even inside to give them her number and have them call her once we are finished, as she will pick us up! So nice to be taken care of! The day ends well.

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