​Tarzo – Rifugio Col Visentin. The first mountain. 

Day 5. We wake up to sunshine and a very good breakfast. Energised we start into this day, finally into the mountains. At least a small one, the Nevagal. 
Claudia’s blisters are always painful in the morning when she starts to hike but she is continuing anyway. The first 90 minutes are rather easy ups and downs, very green nature and beautiful light, before we come to the last town until tomorrow evening, Revine. We stop to refill our water and drink at the water fountain. From there it’ll be uphill until our hut at 1764 meters altitude. 

It is not too steep and I quickly realise that I have become much fitter thanks to my first hike from Salzburg to Triest. We get some great views back on Tarzo. The insects doesn’t seem to notice that we used the usually powerful Nobite, they just bite me as they can.

For my sister it’s difficult with her feet and now her other boot needs to be taped. Until it completely breaks down and the whole bottom is off. So now plan B, I am going to hike in Claudia’s hiking sandals (as I am much more used to hiking)  and Claudia gets my boots. Slowly we continue until a hut where we buy something to drink and are allowed to eat our own food. We meet four other hikers (who of course are hiking the other way) so we talk about the trail and what’s coming. Then it’s getting really beautiful as we hike along the ridge, through plants and blooming nature, with views to the coming mountains and the flat land we left behind. Clouds and fog start to obscure our view but it doesn’t matter. I am so happy to be back here in the mountains! 

The hut, as we already know from the guidebook is on top of the mountain, just where all the antennas are. It’s also rather old and the rooms damp and cold with very old and dirty mattresses. Well, you never know what’s coming and Claudia is getting introduced to hut life the hard way. But the dining room is rather warm and the tenants nice. A few other hikers are around as well and we just hope to be tired enough to sleep. Sometimes I look forward to my tent and own sleeping gear in New Zealand! Thick fog gathers around the hut but I am only worried about the weather on Monday, when I will do the via ferrata. If it’s bad weather I cannot do it, we heard that sometimes you have to wait a day or two. Let’s see, cross fingers for me please! 

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