​Pian de fontana – Rifugio San Sebastiano. Impressive Dolomites. 

Day 9. The 11 people of the guided group wake us at 5am. They want to take breakfast at 6am for an early start. Of course we cannot sleep while they need an hour to pack up. Tired we get up at 7.20am and get to breakfast just in time. This time even muesli with yoghurt and as much as I want! After eating three times as much as my sister (no wonder I still didn’t loose weight, I am eating a lot but still I am hungry all the time), we start at 8.30am. It will be a long day, 20km, 1300m up and 1200m down. 
The beginning is a 800m altitude difference steep climb up to the Forcella de Zita. Beautiful views back on the Schiara covered just partly by ever-shifting clouds. 

A short goodbye to the Schiara as we are shivering of cold and already we are into impressive views of the rough Dolomites. The descent is tricky and steep in the beginning before getting easier.  The clouds don’t uncover the full view but the glimpses we get are already breathtaking! 

Through small trees we continue, take a bend and get through bigger tree, letting us services through a bit of the mountains already. Then we have open view on the valley, on the right and left surrounded by the amazing Cima di Pràmper and the Moschesin. The trail continues for a while with this view and before crossing the next pass we decide to just sit down here, have lunch and enjoy the view as long as we can. Which means not even half an hour before we are feeling too cold and need to continue to hike. 

After passing the ruins of an abandoned fortress, the trail is getting long for me. Since the morning I am trying to ignore my headache but it now is becoming a migraine and I feel sick. Short of a bed to sleep right now, there is nothing to do other then taking a painkiller and continuing the hike. Just when I think I can’t continue, a sign stops us, we have to do a steep detour because of forest works, cutting trees. There is a small bench so we take a short rest and I eat some nuts. The detour is finally not that bad as we can watch how the trees are cut and transported. And we can then already see the pass road and the hut. Sooner and easier than expected we arrive at the hut and are welcomed warmly. It’s already full of hikers and a warm shower is included! The Italian huts offer usually expensive bad breakfast, extensive dinner but at least a glass of wine costs only 1,50€! Prost!

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