​Rifugio Pisciadù – Würzjoch. Too long but beautiful day.

Day 14. We get up at 6am and start hiking without breakfast. We have a long day ahead of us, we don’t know yet just how much too long it will be. We want to skip the Puez hut (as we heard it’s extremely expensive and not nice) and combine three days into two. The start is down a small ferrata, across some stonefields and along the mountain to the Grödner Joch. Although we are still in Italy, people speak German in the huts and the names of passes and huts are given in Italian and German (which sometimes creates confusion as names can be pretty different! If you ask an Italian about the Schlüterhütte he will not know you mean the Rifugio Genova). 

Early morning view from the Rifugio Pisciadù
Rifugio Pisciadù in the morning

At the Grödner Joch we take a coffee and croissant for breakfast and call the huts to make a reservation for tonight. Everything is more than fully booked so I have to make a reservation at the Würzjoch – pretty far for one day. So we restart hiking right away, it’s now time to cross the Cir and Crespeina mountains. It’s up again with nice views on the Sella mountains where we came from this morning. Again we are in a very different mountain range, I find it so amazing just how different the mountains can be! 

The Cir notch is next

The look back at the Sella mountains

We hike along a lake and can already see the Puez hut, but a lot longer than expected to hike there! It’s getting very crowded again as people hike up from different valleys. 

Crespeina lake

We make our lunch stop half an hour after the Puez hut, at a water source. We need to rest a bit before tackling the hike up to the Nives notch and then down a ferrata! The hike up is exhausting but easy, but the ferrata rather difficult, especially the very beginning where you can’t even see where to put the feet! I really like it and my sister manages well with just a little help. We need to be very careful to not make any stones ramble down and i check carefully if people are coming up. 
Afterwards a short hike to the Roa notch, then down through dust and stones and endlessly along the Wasserkofel to another notch (and a short break). 

Another face!

Around the Medalges mountain and we can see the Schlüterhütte. We are already a bit tired by now and it would have been great to stop here for today, but as it’s completely full we continue.  We hike to the Peitler notch and it would have been nice to hike up the Peitlerkofel. It’s not possible within our timeframe today so we hike down an empty river bed, exhausting for our feet and legs. Then easier in the forest but then it’s going up again. The trail stretches as we are very tired, when we can see the hut it’s another half an hour before we arrive. But what a surprise waits for us. The “Lager”  or dormitory is actually a three bed room just for us and a shared bathroom in a well kept hotel. While Claudia crashes on the sofa just in front of the room, we meet two girls, one of them is also hiking the trail backwards as we do! After the shower it’s already time for dinner (we arrived at 5h30 pm). Some chatting with the girls and we sleep very well in our clean beds. 

The Peitlerkofel in the evening

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