​Holidays in Nelson, Golden Bay and Abel Tasman (Part 2)

Day 79. Takaka, Pupu Springs and New Year’s Eve. 

Saturday is village market day in Takaka, a small “hippie” town about 30km from Collingwood. Takaka is indeed a nice and arty town, graffiti everywhere and the market has its fair share of hippie clothes, jewellery, incense but also food (German Bratwurst!) and other nice stalls. 

Everything and everyone is awesome in New Zealand

A little bit of cuddling

More awesomeness!

We enjoy the time and the good coffee before leaving to Pupu Springs. Among the purest springs in the world and a sacred Maori place, the Pupu springs bubble in a lake with incredibly turquoise colours. I would have loved to try the water but respecting Maori culture we shouldn’t have body contact with the water and the hand pump indicated on the maps seems to have disappeared. Nevertheless, a wonderful place to visit. 

Back in Collingwood we have a nap before visiting the historic cemetery and lookout just so we wake up again. I had taken some time before to write up everything I don’t want to take with me in the New Year (habits, feelings,…)  and burn the paper. 

Then it’s party time. We seem to be the only ones celebrating at the hostel and take our time to habe an aperitif, cook dinner, drink wine, eat chips, have sparkling wine, ask ourselves questions about 2016 and write wishes for 2017 on stones we collected at Farewell Spit. At midnight we are one of the first ones to welcome 2017, most countries celebrate later. Still lunchtime in Germany! 

We only sleep at 2pm, a bit drunk by all the champagne but happy about the great evening with my friends! 
Day 80. Collingwood. 

The weather is perfect for a  sleep in and little hangover. It’s stormy and pouring rain outside! The best opportunity for me to do NOTHING for once, just laying in my bed, writing my friends, dozing, reading… I love it and need it! When the rain becomes a drizzle it’s time to have a short walk, followed by another nap and dinner. I head back to the beach afterwards to enjoy the sunset.

The stones with my 2017 wishes before throwing them into the sea
Downtown Collingwood 😉 One street with a dairy, a tavern, a cafe, a museum,…

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  1. Christoph says:

    Cool! I spent Christmas at Collingwood back in 1999. A fire at the beach, plenty of alcohol and some nice dinner. A funny way to celebrate that special day, but it was worth the experience!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We had initially imagined a barbecue and fire at the beach as well. But the weather wasn’t that good – still enjoyed a great time! I guess Collingwood was pretty much the same back in 1999!


  2. Christoph says:

    I guess that, too. Can’t remember the details of the town, unfortunately, as it’s been too long ago. And the weather back then wasn’t too good neither, but good enough for our christmas fire…;-) Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

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