​Cerro Campanario and Circuito Chico: hiking and biking 

I arrived in Bariloche two days ago but needed a good rest day yesterday. So I just walked around in the streets of Bariloche, trying some chocolate in the abundant chocolate shops, buying finally a new (non inflatable) mattress. Oh I forgot, the morning was spent trying to get rid of the ants that invaded my hostel, at least I got a free laundry. 

So this morning I first changed my hostel, for the great Penthouse 1004, a bit more expensive but real cozy with great views! Then I am off to take the public bus. Half an hour later I arrive at the bottom of Cerro Campanario. Another half an hour later I am already at the top of the hill, with amazing views on the lake area and strong wind. That was an easy one! Plus this stunning view for so little effort, I like 😉

I chose to walk instead…

I can see the mountains where I plan to go tomorrow for a 4 day hike and it looks amazing, I am already excited about the next trek! I can also see the area I am heading now, the Circuito Chico with all the lakes and hills. But first, walk back down and another kilometer to the bike rental. 

Then I am off for some 30km, I am warned about the hilly terrain and that it will take at least 3h without stops (but you do want to stop often). It’s a strange but good feeling to be on a bike! I am so fast (well, comparatively to hiking, or when I am actually on a downhill section and not pedaling like crazy to get up the hill).  I am surprised how easy it actually is, just when I think that now it’s getting tough, I can bike down again. Plus there are so many points to stop and admire the view that I kind of take a break every 5km. 

One of the most famous (and expensive) hotels in Argentina, hotel Llao-Llao

The 2 bigger breaks are for lunch at Laguna Escondida and then close to the end at one of the (supposedly) best cervezerias in Argentina, Cervezeria Patagonia. For me a challenge as usually I don’t like beer. The only beer I like is “Berliner Weisse” (it has just a little bit of alcohol and isn’t bitter at all). I try my luck and order Patagonia Weisse, which has the smallest bitterness index. And I really like it! The atmosphere is so nice aby relaxed, sitting in the sun, listening to the music,…

Relaxing at Laguna Escondida

But I still have some 45 minutes to go by bike and so I continue, just a little bit drunk (after a half pinte?). Another hill further I am at the highest point, admiring the view and then before I can realise it, I am already back at the bike station. 

I was told the bus stop is at km 18,6 and I wondered how to find it, but it was all easy!

The bus takes me back to Bariloche where I organise a few things for my 3-4 day hike starting tomorrow. When I have dinner, Oliver comes back from a trip he did with a few others to the lake area. We go out for a drink and enjoy a nice evening before once more saying goodbye, he’s off to another destination tomorrow. I am also wondering why I didn’t run into the Dutch couple yet!? Well, maybe during the hike.

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  1. tyland10 says:

    I love the photos! I was there in January 2017…..I miss the chocolate shops. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The chocolate shops were actually overwhelming, too much choice 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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