JOE trekking experience. Days 3-5.

JOE day 4

Ugh, another wake up call at 6.30am after a bad night of sleep. The tent is tiny and of course under the current weather conditions a lot of condensation occurred over night, so the ends of my sleeping bag are wet as well. But a beautiful day is coming up, the sky is clearing up as we take our breakfast and pack up our tents. The clinic with the Klåttermusen team is hence outside. Quite a unique brand with a special spirit 😉

Then it’s up to me and my tent mate Patricia to be the leaders. As Patricia has a foot problem she stays at the end and it’s my turn to lead. What can I say, it’s the first day where we are only walking on trails! That’s my core skill, no problem. All four groups are anyway quite close together today. The view is fantastic, blue sky, green and colourful plants, reindeer every now and then.

Today we have to walk up a pass, but altogether it’s just some 10km today with 400m altitude up and more down. Nothing for my body although I didn’t really hike during the last 3 months…

Lunch is at a beautiful spot with everyone else, we take our time to enjoy the stunning view of the valley beneath.

Then a bit further up to the pass and all the way downhill, steep in some parts but rather easy. We take so many breaks, there’s always something keeping us waiting. For sure today we eat more than we hike! But I can let go, it’s a nice tour and I learn so much that it doesn’t matter how far I walk.

We end at an impressive waterfall and a steep section, setting up our tents in the woods. The sun is coming out again and it’s super warm. We chat and have dinner and chat again. I go out to see the sunset before we all go to sleep at 9pm. Lazy days!

JOE day 5

We wake up to another beautiful day of sunshine. Breakfast, Hilleberg clinic where I learn a lot about different tents and then the feedback sessions on all the products we tested.

Lunch and off we go for the last kilometers. It’s just an hour hike, but what a beautiful one. The sun is shining, blue sky with white fluffy clouds plus the Swedish landscape… Wonderful!

Too soon we reach the river, at the other side the Enaforsholm lodge where we are staying tonight. A last river crossing and we are welcomed with a cold cider before the final exam where we are tested about the key messages 😉

And then we can enter the wonderful lodge and our rooms, I share a lovely room with Bianca (

We have to give back most of the gear but are gifted the Woolpower long underwear, how nice! I really loved the long shirt, after wearing it day and night it still doesn’t smell and it’s very soft on my skin. Then it’s time to take a shower, relax, use the WiFi, sauna… The Sauna experience is quite nice, the Swedish are more relaxed, the sauna is not as hot but you take an ice cold cider or beer with you and drink it inside. It goes straight into your head 😉

At 6.30pm time for champagne and a slideshow with all pics from the trip, followed by an incredibly good dinner. We are handed over certificates and get hugs from everyone before sing a traditional Jåmtland song for us. Such a wonderful atmosphere with these warm hearted people. Then we gather for some more gifts, they are just incredible! All of us get some small item from the brands (I get another tube from Woolpower) and I win some chocolate for my nature pic on Instagram. Three people are drawn like a lottery for the big gifts, a backpack from Lundhags, a thick downjacket from Klättermusen and a tent from Hilleberg. I am not lucky, but wow, amazing gifts, so generous! The evening ends late with drinks and a lot of fun but I am too tired to stay till the end.

JOE day 6

So good to wake up in a cozy bed for a real breakfast! By bus we leave for Åre to visit Klättermusen headquarters and learn about how they design new products.

The journey then continues to Östersund’s Sport Tech centre where we discover how products are tested and about sustainability approach. They have a 3D printer for metall, it costed 1 million euros! Very interesting learnings for me.

Next is Woolpower, the most interesting visit since we get to see the production entirely made on place in Östersund with about 120 employees.

Then it’s already time to say goodbye. I am dropped off at the train station for my next adventure. It’s been an amazing JOE, Jåmtland Outdoor Experience! Unique brands and a warm-hearted, enthusiastic team.

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