Nepal, here I come | December 11, 2015

Finally – I am leaving to Nepal! I am flying only in the evening so I have enough time to enjoy going to the gym to get some exercise before having to sit for too many hours. I am flying with Etihad, first to Munich, then Abu Dhabi and finally Kathmandu. I am excited and don’t mind too much having to spend a total of 20h until my destination due to long waiting times at the airports. I am only jealous of people (like my seat neighbor) who are able to sleep in any possible body position and regardless of the noise.

It’s 8pm when I arrive at Kathmandu Tribhuvan Airport. The Nepali are friendly and helpful – filling out an online form at one of the terminals, then a paper form, then paying the visa and finally passing through immigration. It took me only 15-20minutes before I reach the area where the bags are delivered – a total mess with bags everywhere! I am looking for mine and cannot see it so I am waiting patiently and finally here it comes! Walking outside I am looking for someone from my guesthouse as I have a free airport pick up included. In about 15min I am already at the guesthouse and very soon in my bed. The Annapurna Guesthouse seems ok at first sight, but during my first night I notice that the shared bathroom’s inner window is open to my own bathroom and I can hear all my neighbors doing whatever they need… Well, only 2 nights and then I am gone.

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