Fragranter Schutzhaus – Stall 

​Day 10. I wake up to sunshine. Again the camp wasn’t even half full and I could sleep well. I pack up and as I don’t see the guys at 7h20 I decide to start. Up they are much faster anyway and they only make a round trip to the Sadnig summit from the hut without their big backpacks. 

The beginning is really nice, the sun is shining and there are plants blooming everywhere. But for the next hours I have to walk about 900m of altitude upwards. So sooner than later I am already out of breath and exhausted. Maybe I should have taken a real breakfast at the hut instead of just a muesli bar? After one hour I take my first break and eat a few nuts. I feel so weak and I don’t know how to manage. Should I take a rest day tomorrow? Why did I loose my MP3 player and didn’t buy a new one for thus trip? Usually music helps when I am exhausted. One hour later the next short break.  I force myself to continue. 

Finally I am at the Sadnig Scharte, from there another hour. But at least the trail is now partly climbing on rocks and more varied. I have to pay attention to the trail and forget a bit how hard it is for me this morning. Finally a last climb with arms and I am at the summit of the Sadnig! It feels great and although one side is cloudy I have a great view to the other side. I sit and enjoy for a while. 

Then it’s time to go, I already decided my lunch break will be in one hour at the next water source. And at least from here it is only downwards, although close to 2,000m altitude downwards! A few hundred metres after the summit I meet again the guys and can now thank them and say goodbye.  
I can now finally enjoy the nature as I hike downhill on green grass and flowers. It feels as if I am the only person in the world,  so isolated, just cows, sheep, groundhogs and myself. 
The break is nice with fresh water and I try to dry my feet which got wet on a river crossing. Not only there is a lot of snow left, but of course with the snow melting the rivers are often much bigger than usually. 

Off I go, one hour to the next water source. Now the trail alternates with some off road which I am crossing again and again. I am dreading the few kilometers on asphalt I have to hike down in serpentines before arriving in Stall. I get lost once running downhill in the forest and have to hike up again… I am so tired!

After the second turn on the asphalt road a car stops and a couple asks me if they can take me down to Stall. After a first hesitation (I am cheating!), I accept. Why ruin myself more on this stupid Road part, knowing that tomorrow I have to hike 1800m of altitude upwards? The best decision today. My trail angels are curious about my hike and the longer it takes to drive downwards the happier I am about my decision. When I leave the car in Stall it begins to rain. While searching for the hotel I chose from the guidebook,  an elderly man suggests he takes me there by car. So many friendly people in the mountains! The chosen hotel is full but they call others and I end up just next door. A short stop at the supermarket,  washing myself and some clothes, organising the next sections, eating, writing, relaxing, there is never enough time at a town stop and as I am tired  I want to sleep early.

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