Hermagor – Travisio

Day 14. What a day! I somehow was so much in a hiking mood and felt finally all strong again that I just continued hiking and finally did two days in one. 38km. 2000m altitude up. 1800m altitude down. I am now lying completely exhausted in my hotel room bed and wonder why I had this crazy idea!

The day started again at 7.30am. From Hermagor it was an hour flat hike till the next mountain range started, the Carnic Alps. One river crossing causes me wet feet (if there is too much water, make a 2km detour says the guidebook… Not necessary says Bettina. I have to practice for the New Zealand river crossings anyway!). 

From there up it goes on forest roads. Not to steep, just fine for me. I soon realise that for once I am faster than usually and already hour ahead on the schedule in my guidebook. The idea starts to grow on me to simply continue today as tomorrow is a very short day, only 4h30 scheduled. I hike past several mountain pastures, they are for the first time aimed at tourists with small houses to rent and accessible by car. Why am I hiking? 

Dellacher Alm
Where’s the trail?
Hiking with cows
Another river crossing

I also meet more other tourists or hikers today than on any other day. The pastures Dolinza Alm, Feistritzer Alm and Achomitzer Alm are close and people go for short hikes with their children. The more common language is now Italian! 

The view at the Feistritzer Alm is incredible. A beautiful hike up to a mountain Chappel,  a nice chat with an Italian family hiking, a crossing to Italy (only marked with small border stones),  shortly back in Austria at the Achomitzer Alm, and then I am in Italy for good today. 

Approaching Feistritzer Alm
Houses with view to rent at Feistritzer Alm
Beautiful day. Beautiful view.

Maria Schnee Chappel

Half an hour later I am at today’s highlight: Cima Muli with the most incredible view on the Julian Alps. I could have sit there for hours but it is already 4.30pm and I still have to hike down to Travisio about 3h (although I know that I am usually faster downhill).  I just wish I had my tent or at least sleeping bag to stay here.

Admiring the view of the Julian Alps, my next challenge!

The descent is beautiful, wouldn’t want to hike it up though!  Nice small forest trail and every now and then an amazing view. 

Down at the river I am tempted to ask one of the Italian families, who seem to have come here to relax on a Sunday, to take me with them by car. But I continue by foot, switching to my sandals as it is very hot and reach Tarvisio at 6.30pm. 

I just wish I had a bike right now

I have to ask to find my chosen hotel, the cheapest one in the guidebook. But it’s closed today. The next one is full. Luckily the tourist information is still open. She calls many hotels but only one rather expensive one has still a room available. It’s a 10minutes walk outside. For 70€ it’s not even very nice, but no choice. Shower and off I go for pizza! The 10minutes hike back is painful, seems today was a bit too much for my feet and legs and shoulders. I decide to sleep in, take a nice long breakfast and start late as tomorrow I only have 5h15 to hike. I also have to shop some food as I won’t be hiking through any town the next 6 days. I want to watch soccer but too tired I only watch the first half before passing out.

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