Cormòns – Duino. Cheating! 

Day 25. I have a terrible night. It’s so hot in my room that I cannot sleep. Plus my left foot aches as soon as I step on it. At least I get a royal breakfast with plenty of fresh fruit, yoghurt, croissant, bread rolls, juice, cappuccino…  Unexpected in Italy but great. Get hiking Bettina, today in my sandals. I cannot bear the boots, too broken and too hot. The 2 1/2hours to Gradisca d’Isonzo feel long, my foot gets worse and it’s often a walk along the roads. 

I don’t only need new boots, i might also need new feet!
Old wall protecting Gradisca d’Isonzo
My own salon! Not open anylonger….

In the town I check the sport shop but they only have running shoes. Then I take a coffee, let my foot rest but am worried what this means if I overstrain it further. Usually I would have simply continued, knowing that my foot will habe time to heal afterwards. But I want to hike back crossing the Alps again in a few days already. When I continue and see a bus stop indicating Duino as stop and even the next bus coming in 10 minutes (it’s every 2 hours only), I take it as a sign and wait for the bus. My heart isn’t happy but my mind reasonable. It turns out I have to change at the (very small)  airport but my bus driver informs the other driver to wait for me, helps me to get the ticket at the machine and sees me through till I am in the other bus. I am impressed by this kindness. Don’t expect anything like it in Berlin! 
Not even an hour later (compared to 6h hike!) I am in Duino and find myself a nice B&B. I get some information on how to go to a wild beach and end up at some very small place where hardly a handful of people fit. Don’t care, let’s go swimming in the Adria, I worked hard to come here by foot! 

Afterwards I walk around the harbour and small town with the well situated castle. 

Then off to the cliff for some great views. A short stop at a huge supermarket and back at the most beautiful dinner place on the cliff. Somewhere hidden from the trail where I can see both the castle and coast till Triest, my final destination. 25km to go. Hopefully my feet can take it.

I can already see Trieste!

Castle of Duino. Still inhabited by Thurn & Taxis.

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  1. Hochachtung vor deiner Leistung und auch vor deinem Nagellack, der immer noch perfekt aussieht 😉
    Gute Besserung für deinen Fuß!

    Liked by 1 person

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