Jesolo – Pontè di Piave. Too hot.

Day 2. It’s been a difficult night, too hot to sleep with windows closed but too noisy with them open. Good breakfast and we start at 7h30 am, we have a long fay ahead. The first few hours are fine, mainly along the river and close to a beautiful lagoon we can unfortunately see only a few times. Sometimes on the road, sometimes nice hiking ground. It’s getting warmer and warmer. Still we do a recommended detour to avoid the road and after 4h we are in a town where we buy some lunch.

The red carpet was laid out for us as we left Jesolo
Road walking along the river
Beautiful clouds
Interesting boat bridge

Lagoon and the moon

From there we will walk mainly on or close by a dam that should protect from floods. Hard to imagine how a flood could happen in this arid and hot area! We are feeling so hot and are looking for a nice place for our lunch. In the end it’s more or less the only tree we choose for its shadow. Yummy, bread, cheese and tomatoes always taste best outside after some effort!

Hiking on the dam

I sleep a little but we still have 2h30 left to hike in the blazing sun. It’s close to 40 degree Celsius in the sun and no fun anymore. We just want to arrive at the hotel. Then the bottom of one of Claudia’s hiking boots starts falling apart! Some tape to fix it temporarily but soon Claudia has to change into her hiking sandals. Italy has already cost us another boots victim without even arriving at the mountains! You could get new bottoms for her sturdy boots, but how to find someone out here? We’ll have some time to figure out, two more days in this hot area before we are finally in the mountains. I can’t wait, we catched today the first glimpse of the mountains. This hike today was just something I wanted to get over, only a few nice moments and views but mainly the strenuous hike under the very hot sun. But it’s part of my chosen trail and not everything can be nice and beautiful.

Not a nice pic but today’s reality: I am freaking hot, sweaty and it’s no fun

Exhausted we arrive at the end of the trail for today and I buy a liter of water I am drinking right away plus some ice-cream. Then it is another 2km on a very busy road to reach the hotel, as the recommended one on the trail was fully booked. We have both suffered from the sun but for Claudia it has been worse, only her second day, blisters, her white skin not even protected by a SPF 50. So I walk another kilometer to buy dinner and breakfast for us before crashing on the bed. At least we have air conditioning tonight!

Nice “beach” but we just wanted to get to the hotel a kilometer further

36km. 70m up, 80m down.

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