Pontè della Priula – Tarzo. Nice people.

Day 4. Luckily we had thunderstorms and rain last night. The temperature is now bearable and shows little 20 degree Celsius at 7am as we start to hike. The clouds get closer now and it feels as if someone put some frosting on them last night! They are beautifully covered by clouds, but just the very top. 

Today we take it easy and hike slowly, Claudia is still suffering from her blisters. The glue that the hotel manager put on the boots doesn’t last long of course, after one hour we have to wrap tape around them. 


After a few hours a short coffee break in Collalto. We didn’t have a proper breakfast but just a few snacks we bought so we are missing our hot morning drink! It’s raining but we prefer this to the previous very hot days. Today we also meet a couple of German hikers who are hiking the “regular” sense from Munich to Venice. They are mainly looking a bit bewildered at us (we walk in the “wrong” direction) but we also talk a few minutes with a guy who gives us 2 Mars rolls as a gift, they came in a package of four and he cannot eat all of them. I cannot understand how you can not be able to finish off any chocolate, but that’s very nice!
In Refrontolo we buy some more snacks at the supermarket and eat them half an hour later at the Molinetto della Croda. Perfect place for a picnic! 

Molinetto della Croda

Then we try to find our way to the agriturismo Le Noci, which is a short detour. Usually people give back here the via ferrata sets that they rented a couple of days earlier at a hut for the famous Schiara via ferrata. We find our way and after some time someone opens. The nice woman is surprised as usually people just give back the sets and also the contract foresees that you have to sleep both at this place and the Rifugio. The agriturismo Le Noci is a beautiful place and I would be happy to stay here,  but we already have a firm booking in Tarzo and it would be a too long day tomorrow if we stay here. She calls her husband to discuss and finally agrees to providing me exceptionally the set. Yes!!! I am so happy to be able to do the Schiara ferrata!  I give her some extra money she doesn’t want to keep but I just leave it on the table. 

Strange little something on our trail

From there it is another 90 minutes (or rather two hours at our current pace) to the next lovely but not cheap place, the Ai Pini Bed and Breakfast. We have a spacious and very nice room, enjoy a delicious Prosecco (after all we are in the Prosecco region!) and a tasty dinner. A great ending to this day full of nice people. 

Great Prosecco, how could it be otherwise in this Prosecco region!

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