​Rifugio 7′ Alpini – Pian de Fontana. I made the via ferrata! 

Day 8. It was so great to have my own room. I could publish yesterday’s post, read on my phone and when I woke up at night, I opened the windows to watch the stars. The sky was clear during the night, but when I wake up at 6am it’s cloudy. My weather app tells me more rain is to come today. Nevertheless I eat the Italian breakfast (great coffee, bad bread with marmelade) and prepare quickly for the via ferrata. The Swiss are going as well, but start a bit later. It’s half an hour up to the start of the ferrata, but as the name is the difficult ferrata I hesitate – is it the right one? I can see the guys coming so I wait for them to get confirmation. It’s right, the ferrata will separate a bit later. I have already my rented set on and get started. The beginning is rather difficult but I feel good and am confident that I can handle. It is a relief to know the others are behind me in case anything happens. Then the rain starts. It’s still doable but getting colder and colder, especially the hands. But how great to be again on a via ferrata at this impressive place, the Schiara! Despite the weather I really enjoy the climb until I am pretty cold. 

Wondering how to cross these mountains!
Looking down at the hut and Belluno

But then I already arrive at the biwack where I can rest inside, protected from wind and rain. It’s 11.30 am and took me four hours to get here. Still an hour to the end of the ferrata and another 3 at least to the hut. So time to eat my bread with tuna paste I bought in Belluno. The Italian breakfast from this morning didn’t fill me properly! 

Re-energized I continue, wave goodbye to the Swiss who are arriving now at the biwack and very quickly the via ferrata is already done!

Next is going down this way

That’s where I came from

Now down to beautiful grass and blooming flowers right in the middle of the Dolomites. It’s raining but I am so happy about the day and that I could do the ferrata so I don’t care! At 2pm I find abandoned shelters where I can hide from the rain and have a little rest.
The trail is beautiful and the rain stops slowly and the sun comes out. Perfect for enjoying the last hiking part for today although I feel tired and my legs tell me they aren’t used to that much climbing in one day. But I can already see the hut and 50 minutes later I am there. 

Beautiful green landscape

The hut.

When I walk in I immediately ask about my sister Claudia (the last hours I was a bit worried if she made it) but there she is already sitting with a boy and playing cards! She already arrived at 1.30pm and the way up was easy for her. We are sharing a room with 11 other people hiking in a guided group but the main problem is the lack of space to dry clothes… Well I guess I will be having wet stuff tomorrow and we hope for a sunny day finally where we can dry everything during the day. The Rifugio pian de fontana is fully booked with mainly groups! Different atmosphere than usually but the tenants are very nice and the room and mattresses clean. Claudia brought some grappa from our host at Belluno so after our half-board (consisting of primi piatti, secondo, bread and dessert – if the Italian don’t know how to eat breakfast they catch up in the evening!) we will enjoy a drink and sleep well hopefully. In the evening the two Swiss arrive, they have changed their mind and are now at our hut as well. We enjoy the evening as they tell their stories. One of them is mountain guide and was already in 1982 on the south summit of the Everest, filming the first 360 degree view at that altitude. I am impressed and know that I will never be able to do these kind of expeditions he talks about. With these impressive stories, some red wine and the grappa the time is flying and we get to bed at 9.30pm.

Up there you can see the Schiara where I came from

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