Würzjoch – Kreuzwiesenalm – Pfunders. 

Day 15. Würzjoch – Kreuzwiesenalm. After yesterday’s crazy long day I try sleep in (a little but as always I woke up often) and enjoy the four star breakfast for a while. I am so happy now when I get a good breakfast and this will probably not get any better. Having a small dormitory in a star hotel enables us to benefit without spending too much money. Fresh fruit salad as much as I can eat is my favourite next to the very good wholemeal bread.  Luckily we have now a very short day ahead as there is a need for digestion first 😉 It’s supposed to be 6h but it turns out much shorter and we take a lot of breaks. Although we are still at around 2,000m altitude, it doesn’t feel like it. It’s very green with plenty of farmland and cows. The many alpine pastures offer drinks and food to the hikers and bikers. 


A small summit on the way

The last challenge on the way to the hut!

In the afternoon we arrive at the Kreuzwiesenalm, just in time before everything else arrives so we don’t have to queue as everyone else for the one and only shower/bathroom for 25 people of the dormitory. At least the mattresses are wide and we hope to be able to sleep tonight. I have the blues today, after 7 weeks of hiking and sleeping in huts, I am longing for home, my friends, some comfort and vegetables (we get salad but usually there are no cooked vegetables to eat!). The cake doesn’t really help to make me feel better but at least there is a good vegetable soup for dinner followed by a great cheese platter. I am tired but unable to sleep. Once everyone has settled in the dormitory it is surprisingly quiet, but again I cannot sleep. 

Kreuzwiesenalm at sunset
Our beds in the dormitory
Nice dining room at the Kreuzwiesenalm


Day 16. Kreuzwiesenalm – Pfunders. 

Can I really talk about breakfast again? Just mention that they have fresh cheese 😉 Otherwise I am not feeling much better, I am tired and have stomach issues, my right toe hurts when I am hiking and it is supposed to rain the whole day. So much ranting!  Anyway, today we are just hiking down 1300m altitude through farmland and forests to the small town Niedervintl. 

We enter the supermarket to shop lunch and snacks for the coming 7 days. When we leave it’s pouring and we take a coffee and tea at a close by bar. Alma, a girl we met at the Würzjoch who is also hiking the other direction, is joining us. It is her last day and she decides to take the bus. I am tempted but I want to hike every bit of the trail so Claudia and I set off for the last 10km uphill to Pfunders, a small village. 

Up there you can see Pfunders

We are staying at the Wieserhaus, a small dairy farm and at last have our own room (but shared bathroom). I take the afternoon to just lay in the bed, eat chocolate, sleep,  write the blog… Before our good dinner! It’s been a while without good Wi-Fi so I have a lot to catch up and blog posts to publish. 

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