​Lago di Sorapis – the hidden gem 

After yesterday’s very long hiking day I was looking for something nice but shorter to end my stay in the Drei Zinnen area. My hotel owners have a special recommendation, the lake Lago di Sorapis. It’s supposed to have a unique colour and setting. Although it’s again a 45km drive, I am setting out for the Passo Tre Croci in the morning. The scenery is beautiful on the way and I can easily find a parking space as it’s still early. The hike itself is pretty easy in the beginning, followed by some steeper ferrata parts. But it’s only 90minutes up to the lake through such a great panorama!

The start, close to the parking slot

The mountains on the right are the Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime where I was yesterday
Some ladders and ferrata sections and soon I am at the lake

And arriving at the lake is incredible. It has a very special turquoise colour and sits right underneath big Dolomite towers. All I do is hike around the lake and enjoy the view, very happy to be here at this very special lake.

As more and more hikers arrive, I start heading back to my car. I slowly drive back to the hotel, stopping now and then to enjoy the view.

Misurina with the Drei Zinnen

Then a relaxing afternoon in the sauna and another delicious dinner at my hotel Rainegg in Olang.  The next day I am finally driving to Trento to meet my friend Peggy for our via ferrata week.

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