Valparaiso – a beautiful mess

Some 100km west of Santiago at the sea is the city Valparaiso. It’s much bigger than I thought initially and it’s full of colours. Colourful houses, colourful street art everywhere. I spent 1.5 days walking around the town, torn between the loud, busy, noisy big streets I don’t like and all the great vibes, colours, street art but also touristy parts. My decision in the end is that I really like it because it’s so different from any town I’ve seen so far and I should just avoid rush hours. 
Because Valparaiso is a beautiful mess, I will just share a beautiful mess of pictures this time. No endlessly long blog about how I walk around 😉

Avenida Brazil

This house was burned down (have you seen the great power supply, yep that’s why). The area is classified by UNESCO and hence you have to keep the old structure for rebuilding it. Impossible.
Not everything is beautiful. Some parts are just a mess 😉

One of the plenty funiculars
Feuerwehr. The German fire fighters. There are also American, British, Italian…

Armada de Chile. The navy headquarters. 

These are from the most famous Street Art artist.

This time a tunnel leading to an elevator. Of course I could easily have walked up, but I would have missed out on the fun!

In Pablo Neruda’s house La Sebastiana
La Sebastiana from outside, such a fantastic and arty house with great views

My favourite one
The Bella Artes museum


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  1. Some great shots – I especially loves the street art. Thanks for sharing it.

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    1. Thank you Susan!

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  2. Tolle Street Art und alles schön bunt 🙂 Super Fotos!

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