San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni tour. Day 2.

The night is alright, I am very warm in my bed and just wake up a few times. I check my camera but it’s still not working after charging it, it lits up and tells me to turn power off and back on but the lense is not coming out. Well, I guess I somehow broke my second camera of the trip :-((

Breakfast was announced to be at 8am but we don’t get it before 8.20am, delicious American pancakes 😉

Then we head off, first stop is just 10 minutes away. Some rock paintings about 500 years old. 

We continue to a lake with flamingos and Lamas, then some volcanic rock formations, forming the world cup, a camel and the lost city. It’s great to climb on some of the rocks, enjoying the view of the red rocks, the interesting forms and the vastness of the desert. 

The world cup
Quinoa field
Close up of a quinoa bush
The camel

Such a cutie

Our next stop at the Black Lagoon is my favourite. A short hike up some more red rocks and we have an impressive view of the Lake, wildlife, all those rocks. It’s so peaceful here, I can just sit and enjoy my life! I am so happy to be here and do this tour with wonderful people. This world is such an amazing place, I am travelling for so long now and still discover different stunning landscapes every day. I wonder how I can adapt to a working life again where I will be sitting in front of a PC every day instead of being outside in the nature. Any good suggestions on what kind of job I can do when I am back???

Lunch shelter

It’s time for lunch, cooked by locals in a little shelter close-by, our guide just dropped the ingredients before we went to Laguna Negra. Another highlight is waiting for us, the Anaconda Canyon. The view is breathtaking – the Atacama desert is a treasure and so different every day. While we were freezing yesterday, it’s so much warmer today, we removed layer after layer and I have to be careful to not get a sunburn. 

Marcello was always wearing his hoody

It’s already later in the afternoon and our final stop is in a tiny village that produced once bricks in 3 big ovens but seems now abandoned except for 10 families who make a living with the tourists? At least that little girl is so cute that I almost buy something in the store 😉

Then we drive to our hostel for tonight, a newly built house, very clean and nice where only two of us have to share rooms. We are at 3,700m altitude but today everyone feels better. For 10 Bolivianos 1,40€) we can have a hot shower and I go for it. We have tea and crackers and later a good dinner – until I take a Chili instead of green pepper and get all red, with tears running down my face until I manage to sooth my mouth with some other food. We even share a bottle of wine (included) and laugh and talk. The perfect ending? The sky at night, no moon (where has it gone?), no lights around, just the milky way and us. World, you are so beautiful!!! No pictures – no working camera but memories forever. 

Then we need to sleep, tomorrow it’s sunrise in the Salar de Uyuni and we leave at 5.30am. 

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  1. ThierryB says:

    With the PC in your future office/job, you will be able to read the blog of travelers. Pretty interesting and inspiring.

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    1. Great idea, not working just reading about others’ adventures!

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