A lazy day in Rurrenabaque

Rurrenabaque is a cute village in the jungle, not that far from La Paz in terms of kilometers. But the road into the jungle from La Paz remains one of the most dangerous ones and only a few brave backpackers take the bus, a very uncomfortable 16 hours trip for some 400km. The other alternative is the plane, just some 30-40 minutes in a tiny little airplane with view of the pilot and amazing scenery outside (just a shame if the propeller is right next to your window and the window very scratched).


Everyone who plans a jungle or Pampas tour is going through Rurrenabaque and there are some nice little spots in town. After returning from the Pampas, Oliver and me stay in Rurrenabque for 2 nights, enjoying a warm day hanging out and eating. Because there’s a French Bakery which has the most delicious food, brownies, pain au chocolat,… And some nice restaurants. And our hostel has a pool (ok upon a closer look I decide to not go swimming there). We even brave the heat and hike up a little but steep hill to get a great view of the town.


Can you spot that horribly big tarantula?


But overall, I am for the first time on my journey fed up. Fed up by staying in a dirty hostel, dirty bathroom, no space for myself. Oliver is astonished as I am complaining  for the first time. So far I was easily just accepting everything and not bothering about anything. But now it’s time for me to go home. My longing to be back at home with friends and family, a proper room, not living out of a backpack, clean bathrooms, German bread, bretzels,…. there’s so much I suddenly miss and I can’t wait to be back. There’s more to discover, but I am at a point where I don’t enjoy it fully anylonger and my longing to go home is bigger than my longing to discover more beautiful nature. And after almost one year, I am even happy to reach this point. I didn’t want to book a flight in advance, I wanted to be sure that I stop my journey at the right time. And so the right time has come and I can “simply” book a flight 4 days later to take me home. (Simple  is nothing though, WIFI is slow and stopping at the worst moments. Slow WIFI never bothered me at all (uploading was always easy for my blog, only downloading difficult), but again, for the first time now I almost get angry as nothing works.)

Easy going life in Rurrenabaque


There’s no bridge so even trucks and busses are transported by boats


Even a beautiful sunset cannot change my mind


Some sun tan later we are already sitting in the tiny airplane again on our flight to La Paz. I will spend 2 more nights in a hostel in La Paz, eat all the nice things and buy some souvenirs before my flight back to Germany.

Tiny little airport


Second row seats


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  1. Pauline says:

    Bettina, Jelly Beans mother. I commend you on all of your adventures. Thoughts for safe travels back to Germany. I have so enjoyed your posts and beautiful photography and will miss your posts. God Bless!! Enjoy your many memories you have made. You go girl!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pauline, thank you so much! I can spend months now just looking the thousands of pictures I took, remembering the good times. But I will also continue to hike, bike, travel in Europe for sure. All the best, Bettina


  2. colin says:

    I’m sure many people know exactly how you feel, Tina. You did very well to last a year. Some people stay travelling for far too long and don’t make the experience enjoyably for themselves, or people they meet along the way.

    Liked by 1 person

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