Komna hut – Tolmin. Au revoir Alps!

Day 22. An 8h hike awaits me today, up to the last pass of the Alps and down to the Slovenian town Tolmin. I am enjoying the ups and downs of the first part, everything is blooming, so many beautiful flowers. Then it’s up to a saddle with last views on the Triglav which is again covered in clouds. The wind is blowing heavily again. I don’t mind, I am in love. With roughness and softness. With scantiness and opulence. I love the Triglav national park and it’s contrast of the scant karst and the opulent plant kingdom in the lower parts. 

A little bit windy!

Finally at the last pass, I can see way down the sea. I am overwhelmed by emotions. Sad to leave the mountains and proud I made it that far. I know I will hike back through other parts of the Alps but it feels like a sad goodbye. 

When I reach a hut further down full of life and traditional music and dance, I have gathered myself again. Now only a few hours through forest and a gorge to Tolmin. I even make it before 3pm so that I can shop at the supermarket before it closes. Hungry as I am without lunch I buy enough for a whole family!  Time for a shower and rest in a nice hotel in Tolmin.

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