Dolicu hut – Komna hut. Amazing scenery.

Day 21. Everyone else gets up at 6am and leaves already. Great, I can then wake up slowly and do some exercise for my back. I hike up for an hour to the pass and feel extremely tired. Yesterday I was so strong and now I can barely breath. The wind is blowing strongly just as yesterday and I am wearing many layers but my hands are still cold. 

After the pass it’s going down and I feel better. The landscape is impressive, I can’t stop taking pictures. 

More amazingness is to come though, hiking further down where the boulders mix with blooming plants and trees in the “Seven Lakes Valley”. This is just ridiculously beautiful. If just the wind could stop blowing! It’s a bit warmer and less strong but I cannot sit down and take a break outside. 

Around 11.15am I am at a hut, together with a German couple who were last night in the same hut already and will be again tonight. I take a hot tea and eat my bread and the good cheese I bought in Trenta. After a good rest I continue in this beautiful landscape, taking my time and again plenty of pictures. It’s getting warmer and warmer. I meet two other Germans, they are wild camping every night somewhere, without tent! On my own I wouldn’t do that especially as it is forbidden in the Triglav national park, but I admire this and look forward to the trail in New Zealand with my tent. 

The Dom Komna is a real treat, especially compared to our previous hut where it was cold, no water, no electricity and toilets outside. Here we have warm rooms and even a shower. I enjoy the view on the lake about 1000m below the hut and a really good apple strudel. The food is delicious here! I spend the evening chatting with the German couple and with the Wi-Fi. 

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