​Rifugio San Sebastiano – Rifugio Tissi. Stunning hike beneath the giants. 

Incredible Day 10. The sun is shining and after the first 50 minutes we arrive at a hut, from there we walk straight to the foot of the impressive Dolomite towers. Rough stone, towering vertically just above our heads! The trail will be the whole day just like this! I feel so lucky and spoiled to be here. How can the nature create so magical places!? 

La Moiazza

La Moiazza and in the background already La Civetta

We are hiking hour after hour to one highlight after the other, finishing off at the Civetta, hiking around in a half circle to the hut Rifugio Tissi. 

Torre Venezia reminds us where we started
Claudia spotted this face in the wall, can you see it?
Still Torre Venezia in the background but from the other side
Rifugio Tissi

From there on one side the Civetta view and on the other a steep cut down about 1200m altitude with a view on Alleghe and an uncountable number of mountains! 

La Civetta on one side

A steep cut and endless mountains on the other
The town at the lake is Alleghe, our destination for tomorrow

We enjoy the evening talking to two fast guys who are also doing the trail and their stories about the funny or often annoying people they met on the trail (interrupted by the smacking sound of the door opening and closing every few minutes but we couldn’t get another table). If you walk from Munich to Venice that is obviously the fate, every evening at least you meet the same people. I am actually very happy so far about our choice to walk backwards. Not only to avoid these crowds but also the ferrata upwards and today were better, we basically walked with the sun the whole day. We also know now which huts have crazy managers or crazy prices, where half of the hikers got gastrointestinal problems and that one part in a military zone is often closed for scheduled training shootings and that we have to enquire first. Great to be prepared!

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