Rifugio Tissi – Alleghe – Viel del Pan. Rain.

​Day 11. Rifugio Tissi – Alleghe. 

From the spectacular location of the Rifugio Tissi we are now going down to a town for the first time in five days. We hike up to the lake Coldai and decide to take the difficult trail down. It’s indeed very steep and includes some climbing. We are careful but love it!

Then a small trail running at the same altitude around the hill to the cable car station. Funny to see so many cars and people. As it is still early we enter the sunbeds and relax for an hour before hiking further down to Alleghe. 

After the regular shower, washing clothes, sorting stuff, we are trying to find a place to repair my backpack.  There is no cobbler in Alleghe nor close by and after trying a few alternatives the nice lady of the tourist reception calls a tailor who wants to help me. It’s about 8km to the next town so I need to take the bus…Unfortunately she cannot really sew it, but at least fixes the strap a little. I don’t want to buy a new backpack so I decide to give it ago. 
Time for pizza, another ice cream and sleep. 

Day 12. Alleghe – Rifugio Viel del Pan.
It’s raining heavily when we wake up and it’s supposed to rain the whole day. Nevertheless we take an early breakfast (yummy) and start to hike. It’s an easy start along a river, then the rain is getting heavier. We are getting soaking wet and stop beneath the veranda of an empty house that is for sale. The next town with a cafe is about 3km away so we decide to continue. The café latte is good and cheap but my backpack is completely wet, the rain protection seems not to work anylonger. I ask for a big plastic bag and get one, so I can at least try to protect my clothes. At least my rain jacket survives this test very well. After an hour we decide to continue and luckily after some time the rain stops. 

We found a dry place for lunch!

We are now in a ski area, hiking up the empty ski lift first and then steep slopes to a barrier lake. 

Lifts aren’t nice in summer!

Happy despite the rain

Just when we hiked around it to the last difficult section it starts to hail and rain. We take shelter in a small backery and have a hot tea plus a strudel. It’s not getting better so after an hour we decide to continue despite the rain. It’s close to two hours uphill but somehow the time is passing fast and we arrive at the nice viel del Pan hut. 

It’s more like a hotel, nice clean rooms and a hot shower. There are a few guys already who are riding their bikes through the mountains and one guy who is also doing our trail. Time passes fast and we enjoy a good night, only 3 in the room for 8. 

View from the hut on the dam
Trying to dry my stuff

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