Rifugio Viel del Pan – Rifugio Pisciadù. The highest point of the trail with the Piz Boè. 

Day 13. Oh what a yummy breakfast! Not only yoghurt and muesli but also “real” wholemeal bread as in Germany, Kiwi, Nutella, Philadelphia cheese, fresh juice … I am in heaven!  Unfortunately I can’t eat as much as I want and I almost feel sick as we start to hike. The sun is shining again and we look forward to the day. 

Rifugio Viel del Pan in the early morning
Looking back at the dam and the Marmolada
The Marmolada is the highest mountain of the Dolomites

From the 2436m of the hut we hike down to the Pordoi pass at 2239m, just to hike up again to 2848m, the Pordoi notch.

There you can see the summit of the Piz Boè, our next destination

It’s a sometimes painfully steep hike and we can see the crowds taking the cable car. 4 minutes without effort versus 90min of sweating! Once at the notch we are overwhelmed by all the tourists, hiking mostly with us to the summit of the Piz Boè. Up here it snowed last night and the summit is beautifully covered in snow. We are wearing a lot of clothes and our gloves, but some people are hiking in shorts and shirt only… 

Right up there we have to hike. Or we could have taken the cable car to the Pordoi (left mountain)
Dust and stones and clouds and snow, upwards to the Forcella Pordoi we go
The view to the snow covered Piz Boè from the Forcella Pordoi

The hike up the last 300m of altitude difference to the Piz Boè at 3152m is interesting and includes short ferrata sections. Just the hundreds of other people coming via cable car are annoying – we are not used to so many people anylonger! The summit is crowded and cold so we just take a few pictures before hiding in the Rifugio for a coffee. 

Feels as if in a different world

The summit is crowded and not particularly good for taking pictures

My sister and me at the summit (plus some random guy)

Later we are hiking down in the snow and ice to the Rifugio Boè where we enter a table and eat our lunch. We bought some bread and cheese, cereal bars,… in Alleghe that should last hopefully until the next supermarket in a couple of days.

Can you see the Rifugio Boè?

From there it is a nice hike down to our hut Rifugio Pisciadù, including another ferrata section. 

Are we on the moon yet?
Looking back at the Piz Boè

Lake and Rifugio Pisciadù

We spend another nice evening chatting with a German couple and a Danish girl. Even the sun is back to make the mountains glow!

Just the night is horrible as I cannot sleep and the biggest snorer in the world is sleeping in the bunk bed above mine.

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  1. GoneHiking says:

    Wonderful pictures! Mountains always have some sort of surrealism to them.
    And oh those simple things you start to appreciate so much on long hikes, like food and beds to sleep in 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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