​Day 24. Karwendelhaus – Vorderriss. Another easy day.

Our night in the big dormitory with at least 60 other people was not as bad as expected. We take our time in the morning but with so many people getting up and packing their stuff we are awake early anyway. Breakfast is expensive and not even a buffet so we eat our bread instead outside on the terrace with the beautiful view of the valley and mountains. 

We only have to hike down today on an easy trail. There are plenty of clouds hiding the big mountains but luckily it only rains once for a few minutes.

After a few hours we arrive in Hinterriss, a very small place with one restaurant. We have fish and potato salad for lunch and then continue another 10km mainly along the road. Everyone else seems to take the bus and doesn’t understand why we are hiking. At one point we cross the border to Germany before arriving at Vorderriss which basically consists of two houses, one of them our hotel and restaurant.

We are in a six bed dormitory with private bathroom and (yeay!) it’s just us two staying! It’s only 3pm and I am so tired that I have a long nap after taking a nice warm shower. Time passes quickly then thanks to Wi-Fi, preparing my time after we finish in Munich, calling family, having dinner….

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