Vorderriss – Tutzinger Hütte – Bad Tölz. 

​Day 25. Vorderriss – Tutzinger Hütte. Nice stroll.

I need to talk again about breakfast, but the bread rolls were so delicious! Instantly after the breakfast though we have to climb up a few hundred metres of altitude, on steep serpentines. The view of the mountains, river (bed) and clouds is amazing. 

Once we are at the saddle it’s going slowly down again through plenty of mud! We hike to the small town of Jachenau where we buy something nice to eat in the nice small shop and have a coffee / coke in the only restaurant. 

The nice small shop in Jachenau

Afterwards it’s time to hike up our last mountain range. First easily along a small river. Then up besides a waterfall and then through more mud in the forest. It’s dreading to rain the whole day and I even think a thunderstorm will come. We are lucky though and at the intersection we opt for the long trail, first to the top of the Benediktenwand and then down to our hut. It is a beautiful hike and I feel strong, finally climbing up is easy – at least at this lower altitude!  The view is great, on one side back to the mountains we came from (plus supposedly the Zugspitze but I cannot identify clearly which one it is),  on the other the flat land, the big Starnberger See and somewhere in the mist must be Munich.  

View from the Benediktenwand

The Benediktenwand seen from below

Tutzinger hut

We hike down to the hut – which is just below the summit but a few hundred metres of altitude in between – taking the more difficult trail with some ferrata sections. Not easy as it’s wet. The hut is nice, clean and warm with nice tenants. Dinner is delicious and we have nice company with a girl originally from the region but now living in the Netherlands (hiking the Maximilian trail), a guy who started today a few days hiking and a French guy doing the Via Alpina (the violett one). As we go sleeping it seems only a few people are with us in the dormitory. Four girls join an hour later, a guy follows and at 11.30pm suddenly five more people come in with their backpacks! I cannot sleep much that night, it’s so bright outside it must be (close to) full moon. 
Day 26. Tutzinger Hütte – Bad Tölz. 

Final day in the mountains. The first few hours are great, we have beautiful mountain views and even a few summits on the trail. 

Small ibex, so happy to finally see them on our last mountain day!

After arriving at the Brauneck, we have to go down though. The descent is bad for my knees and on the stony terrain I even fall down once. But finally this is done and we enjoy lunch at the river Isar before continuing another 10km to Bad Tölz, following always the river. 

In Bad Tölz we first have ice cream and then we go to our hotel to shower and relax. For dinner Claudia orders Kaiserschmarrn and gets a huge plate that even with my help we cannot finish (and you all know by now how hungry I am all the time!).  We feel very full and sick afterwards and I sleep badly again (dreaming that I am climbing a number of high mountains).  

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