Bad Tölz – Kloster Schäftlarn – Munich. Final days!

Day 27. Bad Tölz – Kloster Schäftlarn.

There is not much left to tell. The story will end tomorrow and we have decided to hike 40km today so that we arrive early in Munich the following day. It’s very flat now but the 40km take their time through forests and along the Isar. We don’t want to continue hiking but it’s our goal to reach Munich by foot so we just walk and walk. Step after step we get to our destination the Kloster Schäftlarn for some good food and rest.

Day 28. Kloster Schäftlarn – Munich. It’s 5h30 to Munich according to our guidebook. Again all the way along the now familiar Isar. Again just driven by our will to complete the section. We meet plenty of runners along the way. On this Sunday everyone is our there doing some exercise! 

I feel more excited once we get close to Munich and finally we reach our goal, the Marienplatz. As our beginning, the ending is among masses of tourists (although admittedly there were more in Venice!).  We take a few pictures and treat ourselves to insanely expensive coffee and cake with view on the Marienplatz. 

Then it’s time to say goodbye. My sister is taking the train back to Hamburg. I am off to my hostel for a shower before meeting my friends and their newborn! Tomorrow I will be leaving for Salzburg and I can’t wait to wear my clothes waiting for me in the trunk of my car I left in Salzburg two months ago. I now spent two months in the same three shirts and it will be grant to put on some non hiking stuff and relax a few days!


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  1. Dirk says:

    Congrats! Great achievement hiking back and forth in under two months. Which trek did you like more btw?

    Enjoy your upcoming trip in NU and if you need any advice for Patagonia, just let me know. I’ve been there quite a few times.


    1. Thank you! In the end both treks were quite different and each had their own ups and downs. I am happy I could do both and didn’t have to choose. Salzburg – Triest was so new with only few people and went through highlights as the Steinerne Meer or the Triglav National Park. However it went through too many towns. Sometimes one day up the mountain and the next already down in the next valley. For Venice – Munich it was great to stay 5-7 days in the mountains and I loved the part in the Dolomites. It was amazing to walk just underneath the rough towers. The two days after Venice were painful though and also after the Dolomites there were fewer highlights. Plus the plenty of other hikers, there are many doing Munich – Venice and of course many more in the most famous (often cable car accessible) parts. But then it was before season for my first trek and high season for the second.


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