Cerro del Medio. A half day hike from Ushuaia. 

Before boarding the ship to Antarctica, I just had to go for a hike before being mainly confined to the sip the next 10 days. 

In my hiking guide to Patagonia I found one hike that starts right in Ushuaia and is feasible in half a day as I have to board the ship at 3pm. 

After dropping off my backpack for ship delivery, I walk up the street to the start of the trail.

Interesting houses

That’s the ship I will board later today!
Colourful Ushuaia

Getting lost on some unclear bits I meet another girl wanting to do that trail. She’s from Buenos Aires, visiting a friend now in Ushuaia. We now hike together and soon find the trail again. From now on its well marked and we can follow the yellow markers although the beautiful forest.

Of course there’s plenty of mud in that forest, hard to avoid in parts! I feel very relaxed now, the walking and the fresh air are a treat! Once out of the forest it’s quite hard to see the trail as it’s now really cloudy.

I almost step into Lake Margot as the water is so clear. I can’t see anything from the top, but it doesn’t matter. I got everything I needed. At good days the views must be outstanding though, the summit is some 950m altitude and dropping off steep on the other side. We get a glimpse of what we missed on our way back as it clears up further down. 

I am happy once I am back in Ushuaia! At the Freestyle Adventure agency I can borrow warm waterproof pants and gloves plus I can hang out and use WiFi before boarding the ship soon. On board I will get a warm jacket and shoes so I am all set for my cruise, beginning it with muddy shoes and pants 😉

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  1. hikeminded says:

    Cool! (I had to google where you are)(Again!) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. quartamaster says:

    You make the world seem small with your travels. Good luck with your next adventure. I hope you will always remember Aotearoa New Zealand with fondness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Despite my new adventures I think of the TA every day and might already have inspired others I met here to do it 😉


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