Ushuaia. Beautiful Fin del Mundo. 

Buenos Aires doesn’t want me to leave (although I really do want!). My flight was scheduled pretty early but we have to get back out, wait and finally board another plane. The service on Aerolinas Argentinas is horrendous, they don’t check on fastened seatbelts, don’t close the lockers and food is very limited. At least you can watch some movies if you have your own earphones (as I luckily do). At 3pm we finally land after a 3h30 flight in sunny Ushuaia!  I hear later that today was one of the best days in the whole summer… Temperature is around 13 degrees Celsius. 

And all is good again once I set my feet on Tierra del Fuego! I get my backpack and walk outside, asking a young couple if I can share a taxi with them and some 10 minutes later we are already at their hostel, mine is just 2 minutes further by foot. Antarctica hostel is small, nice and cozy with a great living room. I take a quick shower before walking to the waterfront of the Beagle Channel and enjoy the view. 

There’s the sea and the town and behind it, some impressive and steep mountains in weird shapes. I love it! At the other side of the channel, Isla Navarino and in between colourful boats of all sizes. I walk a few kilometers and enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine and this nice little place. How could the setting be any better, mountains and sea! 

New Zealand ❤

Mountains and town
Again an interesting cemetery
Are we in the European Alps yet?

I already met a few nice people at the hostel and exchanged travel tips and ideas. Many have already done Patagonia and are now going back home. And now to my next adventure: I managed to book last week an Antarctica cruise at a last minute discount. It’s still very expensive but it’s a once in a lifetime experience and I am too excited about it! The Freestyle Adventure Travel agency organised a pizza party for the surprisingly many people they booked for the cruise last minute (around 30). Good to get to know already a few nice people. I am looking forward to Antarctica!  I won’t be online for the next 10 days or so but I hope I get to upload some pics afterwards! 

I will follow that same direction towards Antarctica!

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  1. runningforbums says:

    Amazing that you are headed to Antartica. The boat trip puts me off, but I’d love to go one day. Enjoy & be safe on your return to SA.

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